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Mar 04

From Which Factors to Determine the Quality of Buttons

After getting the button such as Silver Chef Button from the manufacturer, the seller or middleman will check the quality of the product. Although the button such as Silver Chef Button is only in the clothing decoration, the effect is not very big. But in the button quality control, is not to be ignored. Only the products that pass the test can enter the market officially.

Chef Frog Buttons

1. Control sample. See if the color and model are consistent with the sample;

2, the surface whether there are cracks, gaps, uneven and obvious scratches, if there are these defects should be negotiated with the manufacturer, re-production of qualified products;

3, see the button edge processing is fine, smooth, because to be used in clothing, the edge can not be too sharp;

4, the pattern should be no obvious deformation, no white eyes, white circle and other phenomena;

5. The buttonhole should be smooth and unobstructed; All needle holes should be punctured and broken, symmetrical and without large eyes. If the button is dark, dark eye groove should be smooth, no obvious burst;

6. Color difference of buttons in the same batch shall not be lower than GB250 level 4 standard, and shall not be lower than GB250 level 3 standard compared with the samples;

7. Packaging inspection. After all the products pass the appearance inspection, repackage shall be carried out. A certificate of conformity or other label should be put in the package. The quantity of packing should be in conformity with the stipulations, and the actual quantity of each bag should be in conformity with the stipulations.

8. For some products, the manufacturer needs to provide nail mounting test report and sample. The test pull shows that they are stable.