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Mar 15

Buckle in the Formal Occasion

The buttons such as Kitchen Uniform Button are very versatile, and the suits are an essential clothing item for men in the workplace, and they have special etiquette specifications. Men's suits not only pay attention to etiquette, but also have strict specifications on the button deduction.

As a China Knot Button Supplier, we want to say Buttons are an important symbol to distinguish suit styles and styles; whether you can properly tie a suit to a suit directly reflects the wearer's grasp of suit dress etiquette. In this topic, Gu Yang suits collect and collect the most common buckles for suit buttons, hoping to give some help and guidance to men entering the workplace!

Workplace men in suits, please note that when standing, please develop the habit of buttoning the suit button. This way, when you are speaking and making gestures, the suit will not run around with your body, and the overall line will look more clean and neat. Our common types of suit buttons are divided into single-breasted and double-breasted. Next, let's take a look at the different types of suit buttons:

If it is a single row of one button, the button can be buckled.

If it is a single row of two buttons, the two are not buckled, or only one of the top.

If it is a single row of three buttons, you can not buckle all three, you can also buckle the top two, or buckle one in the middle.

If it is a double-breasted suit button, you should buckle the button to make it appear stable, and you must remember to buckle the button corresponding to the "inner buckle".

Simply put, the single-breasted suit button is not buckled, and the double-breasted suit is fully buckled. Don't underestimate such simple details, perhaps such details play a key role in your workplace.

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