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Mar 08

Custom Metal Buttons Need to Pay Attention to the Problem

Because metal buttons such as the Kitchen Uniform Stud Button are different from ordinary plastic buttons, its craftsmanship is more complicated. Therefore, we must pay special attention to some small details when customizing the metal buttons such as Silver Chef Button. Because it is closely connected with the clothes, its appearance size is relatively strict.

When custom metal buttons are used, it is best to have the molds provided by the manufacturer. After the comparison, the buttons are produced according to the size of the mold. When determining the button color, other colors may appear during production because the copper color and the true gold color are not well plated. Among them, the five-claw button is customized according to special requirements, and may be more stringent in terms of tension and length. From the current point of view, the production of metal buttons is still regarded as an industrial design category. Its manufacture is different from pure art design such as engraving, sculpture and painting. It also includes size, pattern, color, material, practicality, durability and whether it is It can be mass-produced, so its production limitations are relatively large. Most of our common buttons are geometric and solid, because the two shapes convey a more direct aesthetic. A good metal fastener not only has strict requirements on practicality and aesthetics, but also has high requirements on the harmony with the clothing. When choosing different buttons and matching clothing, we must consider the fabric properties common to buttons and clothing, and only match if there is no conflict and good compatibility.

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