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Mar 12

What Button Needs to Be Checked?

There are three types of buttons such as Kitchen Uniform Stud Button that need to be tested for needles: resin buttons, metal buttons, and plastic buttons.

Why do you have to check the clothing?

Mainly for the timely detection of clothing and accessories in the manufacturing process, there is a broken needle to prevent customer damage. Therefore, many garments require a needle.

Why do buttons such as Golden Chef Button have to be checked?

Buttons are an aid (or decoration or insulation) on clothing and apparel. Therefore, clothing and apparel must pass the inspection needle, so the button must also pass the inspection needle.

Need to pass several levels of needles? Under normal circumstances, resin buttons, metal buttons, plastic buttons are 4, 6, and 8 when the needle is passed. Individual customers require higher levels of 10 or more. Can pass.

Buttons are used for inspection purposes, because the garments exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States require needles. Buttons are accessories on clothing. Because metal buttons and plastic buttons contain ferromagnetic metal components, if purity If the standard is not met, the clothing will not pass the inspection.

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