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Mar 19

Will it not Be Washed Clean with A Laundry Bag?

The purpose of the Washing Protection Bag is mainly to protect the washed clothes from being damaged by the winding, and secondly to wash them. In addition, if the clothes in the laundry bag are too much, the clothes cannot be automatically turned over by the power of the water in the laundry bag, so the washing is not very hot.

Note on the use of Underwear Laundry Bag:

Do not place near fire or near fire

This product is only suitable for ordinary household washing machines.

Do not use high-grade fabrics with dry cleaning marks and cashmere, Angora goat down, mohair, etc.

Do not put laundry or pointed metal parts that exceed the capacity of the laundry net bag, otherwise it may cause damage to the mesh surface.

Do not pinch clothes when closing the zipper

Do not use for purposes other than this one.

Underwear Laundry Bag