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Aug 26

What are the disadvantages of abusing laundry bags?

What are the disadvantages of abusing laundry bags? Shared by 

Speaking of laundry bags, do all the fairies know what they are? A protective device for washing clothes in a machine. Simply put, it is a mesh bag, which is used to put the clothes in and then put them in the washing machine to protect the clothes.

There are many shapes, mainly to protect the underwear and other relatively soft clothing. It's used in many homes.

But are laundry bags really that good?

Washing machine washing principle is through the flow of the back and forth push, make clothes and water, clothes and clothes, clothes and tube wall constant friction, so as to clean the stains.

Then there's the theory of laundry bags: they reduce friction and wear by binding the clothes.

Thick Mesh Laundry bag

Thick Mesh Laundry bag

The two are diametrically opposed.

Simply put, clothes cannot be fully rubbed under the package of mesh washing bag. Although the knot is not tied, it is difficult for water flow to enter the core of laundry bag. The bigger the laundry bag is, the more clothes are stuffed, the worse the washing effect is.

Take another easy to understand example: bask in quilt is spread out bask in good or wrap up bask in good?

That's one of the problems with laundry bags, and one of the problems:

Laundry bags damage washing machines very easily.

This involves the principle of washing machine dehydration: through high-speed rotation of the drum wall to generate centrifugal force, centrifugal force to take away the moisture in the clothing. Normally, below the action of centrifugal force, clothings can even stick in tube wall, form a concave column, because even distribution, so all round centrifugal force is about the same, washing machine ability runs stably. And mesh laundry bag into a bag, when the dehydration can not be evenly distributed will lead to uneven load on the inner wall of the washing machine, resulting in violent swinging, great damage to the washing machine, and even the hidden danger of bursting.

So I say, laundry bags are great, but don't abuse them. A few tips:

1. Underwear should be washed by hand, which is clean and not harmful to the clothes.

2. If you want to use machine washing, recommend the use of drum washing machine, choose a slightly larger laundry bag, do not fill.

3. It is better to have more than 3 laundry bags of similar weight to ensure that the force is evenly distributed when drying.