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Nov 11

Are know about the laundry bag backpack really?

Hello , my dear friends ? Shall I can introduce something about the laundry bag backpack for you ? If yes, now I will begin. The laundry bag backpack and fine mesh laundry bag are our company’ s main products. But also we are one of the most professional mesh laundry washing bag factory in our country. Therefore, we have a lot of them for sale.

Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry . The laundry bag backpack is made of high quality oxford cloth coating with PVC coating, which offers enormous storage space, and protects your laundry from water, dirt, and odor. Two adjustable shoulder straps provide effortless shoulder carry, which lessens the headache of maneuvering heavy loads by hand, and frees up your hand to perform other tasks. The massive storage space, can keep laundries such as pillows, comforters, clothing, footwear, and much more. The foldable & portable design allow the laundry bag backpack for saving space and transportation. It's an ideal laundry bag for dorm and apartment dwellers or anyone who prefers laundry bags to a laundry basket. The laundry bag backpack is strong and wear-resistant, meets the taste of practical users, and is energy-saving and environment-friendly. For example, simplicity is fashion in the laundry bag backpack industry, which is not only suitable for tourists but also suitable for people like white-collar workers and fashionistas. At present, most schoolbags use this kind of bag. One is to pack more things. The other is because the surface of these two kinds of fabrics is smooth and dirty. It is relatively easy to handle. The other is a little waterproof. Many people reuse the laundry bag backpack now, because its fabrics are more environmentally friendly, especially foreign friends like to use them now . Next one is fine mesh laundry bag . Our fine mesh laundry bags are made out of 100% polyester fiber with two layers of mesh. The premium zipper can be secured under the elastic little tab prevent the bag from opening. This product is sold very well in our local market. Generally, new products will be sold out immediately when they come out, so if you also want to buy, please contact us as soon as possible.

Sock Mesh Laundry Bag

Sock Mesh Laundry Bag