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Aug 31

How to use the bra laundry bag?

How to use the bra laundry bag?

Bra laundry bag correct usage:

The bra laundry bag is a very convenient tool that allows us to wash the bra with a washing machine without worrying about washing the bra. The following manufacturers tell you how to use the bra laundry bag?

Put the underwear into the bag, seal the mouth, let it go into the washing machine and wash it like normal clothes. After it is rinsed out, take it out and dry it.

bra laundry bag

Bra Mesh Laundry Bag

The laundry bag is a bag used to protect clothes when it is machine-washed. It is made of breathable and microporous material. Put the underwear, sweater or other items that are afraid of deformation into the zipper and put it into the washing machine. . A bag made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (somewhat like a mosquito net), which has a sweater and a wash underwear. Use to separate clothes from fear of clothing staining and damage search. The laundry bag is divided into a fine mesh and a coarse mesh. The fine mesh mesh is dense like gauze, and the coarse mesh is as large as a normal straw. For more fragile clothes such as knitwear, use fine mesh laundry bags; for thicker materials such as curtain fabrics, use coarse mesh. The difference between fine mesh and coarse mesh is that the water flow has a high pulling force on the clothes. The coarse mesh has a strong pulling force and a higher cleaning power than the fine mesh. However, if the clothes are not too dirty, the fine mesh is used to protect the clothes, and the cotton scraps generated by the friction of other clothes can be reduced, and the hair balls are not easily picked up.