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Jan 28

Introduction To The Metal Buttons

The most common three-dimensional shape of metal die-cast buttons are spherical, hemispherical, floating and other three-dimensional shapes.

Chef Jacket Stud Buttons is a kind of metal button. Partial styling is most commonly used to shape individual and all partial details on the basis of shape, such as Arabic numerals, English letters, graphic patterns, animals, portraits, flowers, registered trademarks and patterns.

The shape of the metal button is composed of two parts: (1) geometric shape and three-dimensional shape of the shape; the iron wire type can only be bent by a wire machine, and the most common one is round. , hexagonal, unequal, equilateral, etc. (2) Partial modeling. Due to factors such as productivity, processability, safety, etc., the shape can be varied, especially for alloys, which can be spark-engraved on die-casting molds to form plastic-like injection molds.

Chef Uniform Button Supplier tell us, a good Restaurant Uniform Button must be prepared in two major conditions: (1) practicality, aesthetics; (2) directionality compatible with clothing. Practicality and aesthetics are generally easier to understand. The directionality of compatibility with clothing indicates that the metal fasteners are mainly for which type of clothing service, whether it is a suit, a fashion, a shirt, a children's wear, a denim, and a leather wear. , underwear, shoes and hats, casual, and so on, to take into account their commonalities, but also to consider their special.

Chef Jacket Stud Buttons