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Feb 21

Stud Button Plating Four Stages of Development

In the clothing accessories industry, many buttons (including metal buttons, plastic buttons such as the Plastic Chef Button, etc.), belt buckles and some accessories need to be electroplated, and the button net small series will introduce you to the knowledge of metal button plating, I hope to bring you Convenience and help.

Button plating four stages of development such as the Chef Jacket Stud Buttons plating:

(1) DC generator stage This type of power supply has high energy consumption, low efficiency and high noise. It has been eliminated.

(2) The silicon rectification stage is a replacement product of the DC generator. The technology is very mature, but the efficiency is low, the volume is large, and the control is inconvenient. At present, there are still many companies using this electroplating power supply.

(3) The thyristor rectification stage is currently the mainstream power source for replacing silicon rectification power supply, featuring high efficiency, small size and convenient regulation.

(4) Transistor switching power supply, pulse power supply stage Pulse plating power supply is the most advanced electroplating power supply today, and its emergence is a revolution in electroplating power supply.

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