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Feb 12

Buttons Can Make So Many Accessories!

As a Chef Knotted Button Supplier, we want o ask you tha can the button be nailed to the clothes? Wrong, a small button, it can be used more, some you still can't think of it, don't believe it.

(1) Button hair accessories

Small button hairpins, small public ornaments.

Chef Stud Button

(2) necklace

Small fresh air necklace.

Chef Knotted Button

This necklace has a strong visual impact, and it must be advertised with its personality!

(3) earrings

This pair of earrings gives the impression of a lemon and is refreshing.

Chef Knotted Button

(4) bracelet

A four-color bracelet is still amazing!


(5) Ring

Do do you like it?


A small button can make so many things, is it amazing? We are a manufacturer of high quality Chef Stud Button. If you need a button, please feel free to contact us!