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Oct 18

Do you buy a coarse mesh or a fine mesh?

One piece of clothing enters the inner cylinder of the washing machine, and the mechanical force of high-speed rotation causes the clothes to be intertwined and entangled. Clothing and clothing, clothing and the inner wall of the barrel, repeated intense collisions not only squeezed out the stains, but also made the clothing fibers in jeopardy. In order to protect the health of the clothes, the laundry bags began to land in thousands of households.

The laundry bag is a washing protection bag used to protect clothes during machine washing. The material is a breathable microporous polyester mesh or mesh nylon. The main function is to reduce the wear of the clothes and prevent the deformation of the clothes.

The netting of the laundry bag is generally divided into a coarse net and a fine net.

The size of the mesh of the coarse mesh laundry bag and the mouthpiece for drinking beverages are similar. This spacing does not block the flow of water and is resistant to pulling, making it suitable for cleaning difficult clothing such as jeans and bedding.

The fine mesh mesh, such as sand and gravel, can alleviate the impact of strong water flow, but it will not block the flow of water. It is suitable for washing sweaters and various materials that are not resistant to wrinkles.

So is the laundry bag a rough net or a fine net?

In fact, the laundry bag is not expensive, it is best to prepare a few more, generally need four, thick clothing such as cowboys take coarse mesh, fine clothing such as silk sweater with fine mesh. Underwear socks also need a underwear laundry bag.

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Underpants Mesh Washing Bag

The laundry bag is a bag used to protect clothes when it is machine-washed. It is made of breathable and microporous material. Put the underwear, sweater or other items that are afraid of deformation into the zipper and put it into the washing machine. .

The size of the laundry bag is based on the degree of fineness of the fabric of the laundry and the size of the jewelry above. For fabrics with fine fabrics, it is best to choose a small laundry bag with a small mesh. The decoration is relatively large. The clothes with larger fabric fibers choose a larger laundry bag, which is more conducive to the protection of clothes.

When you want to wash a pile of clothes, you need to protect one of the clothes, you can't choose the oversized laundry bag. The smaller one is more conducive to the cleaning and protection of the clothes. If you want to protect a few pieces of clothing at the same time, you should choose a larger size laundry bag, and leave a proper space after the clothes are placed to facilitate the washing and cleaning of the clothes.

Generally, clothes with large buttons are used to prevent the clothes from being damaged by the friction between the clothes and the tub. Naturally, it is necessary to wash them with a laundry bag. But the printed things are best hand-washed because there is no complete protection for the laundry bag. After all, it is related to the quality of the washing powder or the laundry detergent. The soaking time in the washing machine is definitely longer than the hand washing, and the damage to the clothes is also large. Good or hand wash.

Some expensive clothes that are easy to break are put in the laundry bag and sealed, and then put into the washing machine and mixed with other clothes, it is not easy to be smashed by other clothes zippers or buttons. There are also some clothes that are easy to be twisted and twisted in other clothes in the washing machine. They can be washed in the laundry bag to avoid deformation and deformation.