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May 31

[Laundry bag supplier]How is home laundry classified and what is the use of laundry bags?

How is home laundry classified and what is the use of laundry bags?

China laundry mesh bag supplier shares that categorize your laundry by any means, and home laundry is no exception, or it could be a mess. Classification should be considered in several aspects:

(1) classification by color: as is known to all, quite a lot of clothes will lose color, so separate washing is inevitable. In addition, dark-colored clothing tends to have more dirt than light-colored clothing, which can also cause pollution when put together. So color washing is beyond dispute.

(2) according to the weight and weight classification of dirt: heavy dirty clothes, such as work clothes, napkins, tablecloths and so on, need to use strong alkaline washing powder, and the washing temperature requirements are relatively high, it is difficult to wash together with other clothes. A few wash the clothings that change everyday if the shirt of summer, underwear wait for key catharsis sweat and dirt, wash with other clothings together very not cost-effective.

Durable mesh wash bag

(3) according to the use of clothing classification: according to the use of different classification of clothing is a lot of people attach great importance to, underwear and outerwear, *** clothing and children's clothing, bedding and bedroom supplies, etc., should be carefully distinguished. Can avoid unnecessary cross infection and maintain good hygiene habits.

(4) according to the size of clothes: large clothes and small clothes will interfere with each other when they are washed. For example, down jackets and socks, coats and handkerchiefs, etc., when they are washed together, they affect each other's cleanliness and even fit into the pockets of larger ones. So you should wash them separately.

Durable mesh wash bag is a relatively new laundry items, especially in the use of washing machines in the home only in recent years. What is it used for? It is the protective layer of clothes inside the washing machine. Many garments have decorative accessories on the surface, or the fabric itself is resistant to friction. Clothes can be washed in mesh bags, which is a protective measure. Of course, the cleanliness of the clothes will be affected.