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May 22

Is the laundry bag thick mesh or fine mesh?

Is the laundry bag thick mesh or fine mesh? What's the difference?

Generally, there are many kinds of laundry bags, some are thick net, some are thin net. So is the laundry bag a coarse mesh laundry bag or a fine mesh laundry bag? What is the difference between coarse and fine mesh for laundry bags?

In daily life, laundry bag is a common cleaning supplies, it is convenient to use, loved by people. So laundry bag thick mesh or fine mesh?

Is washcloth bag thick net still fine net what distinction does good have

Is it better to wash clothes with coarse or fine mesh

Laundry bag thick net and fine net is for different clothes to use, no which good which bad only say, mainly is to see whether there is no use to the clothes.

Fine mesh mesh density such as gauze, coarse mesh mesh such as the size of ordinary straw. For more fragile clothing such as knitwear, fine mesh laundry bags should be used; Thicker material is like curtain cloth, should use coarse net.

fine mesh laundry bag