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Oct 28

How to choose a laundry bag?

The laundry bag is a bag used to protect clothes when it is machine-washed. It is made of breathable and microporous material. Put the underwear, sweater or other items that are afraid of deformation into the zipper and put it into the washing machine.

Optional points: As a protective umbrella in the laundry process, the laundry bag should consider its core factors such as size, design, zipper and mesh surface to ensure its practicability and protection.

Size: The size of the laundry bag is usually determined according to the type of clothes to be washed. Generally, the size of the tops and pants is relatively large, and the medium size can be selected; the size of the socks and underwear is relatively small, and the size can be selected; It is best to buy 1-2 two large laundry bags for large clothes such as down jackets. Usually for the tops and trousers to place 2-5 pieces, the state is relatively loose, not too tight, to reach 8 points full, otherwise the cleaning process may be uneven, not clean.

Laundry bag

Laundry bag

Design: The design of the laundry bag is different, the effect of washing and protection is different. At present, the design of the laundry bag is various, and the laundry bag of the appropriate shape should be selected according to the type of the clothes. For example, the pill-shaped laundry bag is suitable for washing underwear, the triangular three-dimensional laundry bag is suitable for washing socks, the tubular laundry bag is suitable for washing thick sweaters, and the square is suitable for washing shirts.

Zipper: The zipper actually plays a very large role as a small part of the laundry bag. The design of the zipper determines whether the clothes are scattered, the clothes are hooked, and the clothes are hung during the cleaning process. In general, the slider should be lockable and have a fixed and wrap-around design on one side for added safety.

Net surface: The mesh surface of the laundry bag is different, and the degree of friction is different, so it is necessary to select according to the type of clothing when selecting. General fine mesh for cleaning sweaters, chiffon, knitwear, pajamas, leggings, thermal underwear, etc.; coarse mesh laundry bag for cleaning pants, coats, coats, curtains, quilt cover, etc.

Laundry bag buying skills: 1. Look at the work. The work of the laundry bag determines its service life, so we can gently pull the edge of the laundry bag with your hand to see if there is any looseness of the thread, and it depends on whether the stitch is even and the fineness, if the work is particularly poor. Under the wear and tear of the washing machine, the off-line condition will soon appear.

2. Look at the materials. The material of the laundry bag determines the protective effect of the laundry bag, such as zipper and fabric. When shopping laundry bags with zipper, please check if the zipper has some burrs or uneven positions, it is easy to hang clothes, and it is not smooth to use; Whether the hand touches the fabric is delicate and comfortable. If it is rough and has a large friction, it will not only protect it, but it may also damage the clothes.

3. Smell the taste. Generally, the laundry bag is in contact with our daily clothes, so its environmental protection and safety performance are more important, so you should smell the taste when you purchase it. If the taste is heavy, it means that the environmental protection is poor, there may be some harmful chemicals, most better not to buy.