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Aug 07

How to use the bra laundry bag?

How to use the bra laundry bag? Shared by mesh laundry washing bag supplier.

Put the undergarment into the bag, close the opening, and put it into the washing machine to wash like normal clothes.

Laundry bag is a kind of bag used to protect clothes when washing in machine. It is made of breathable material with micro holes. You can put underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation into it. Bags made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (something like a mosquito net), for drying sweaters and washing underwear. Use to separate clothes from clothes afraid of staining and damage search. The laundry bag is divided into fine mesh and coarse mesh. Fine mesh mesh as dense as gauze, coarse mesh mesh as common straw size. For fragile clothes such as knitwear, use a fine mesh laundry bag; Thicker material such as curtain cloth, you should use coarse mesh. Fine mesh and coarse mesh, depends on the flow of the clothes on the height of pulling force. Thick net of water pulling force, washing force is also high, but if the clothes are not too dirty, choose to protect clothes, but also can reduce the adhesion of other clothes friction generated by cotton crumbs, not easy to pilling ball.

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Bra maintenance method:

1. The material of underwear is thin and delicate. Don't use too much force when wearing and taking it off. When wearing and taking off underwear, pay attention not to touch foundation and lipstick on underwear.

2. For long storage, you can carefully stack your underwear, or fold the cups into one another, as long as they don't break the original breast shape. The line in the thickest put on above, fold downward in order to put, prevent the underwear of thick line because of heavy weight and be out of shape, the underwear of thin line does not have be out of shape concern.

3. It is suggested to store underwear separately and independently from other clothes, and do not forget to put in dehumidifier or some desiccant. In addition, tell you a small folk prescription: a few drops of perfume in a small piece of cloth, or will use the remaining perfume bottle into the cabinet, one can repel insects, two can make clothes full of light perfume.

4. Secret to prevent bra deformation: in order to maintain the beautiful shape of delicate bra, try not to use the washing machine to wash. Use cold water and a mild cleanser, or wash by hand.