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Dec 03

Laundry Bags

We are a mesh laundry washing bag factory. With complete and scientific quality management system, we are popular both in local and abroad market, with various styles and good quality.

Mesh Laundry Washing Bag Factory

Mesh Laundry Washing Bag

Laundry bag is a kind of bag used to protect clothes during machine washing. It is made of breathable and porous materials. Put underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation into it, pull up the zipper and put them into the washing machine. Bags made of mesh nylon (a bit like mosquito net material), which are used to hang sweaters and wash underwear, are used to separate clothes from dyeing and damage.

The laundry bag can avoid the pollution caused by the contact between the close fitting clothes and the outer garment; avoid the knot and winding of the clothes in the washing machine, and the lifting is lighter; minimize the wear of the underwear in the bag, so that the high-grade clothes are durable, smooth and not deformed; the breathable polypropylene mesh is fresh and sanitary, and the clothes are more comfortable to wash.

Laundry bags are divided into fine mesh laundry bag and coarse mesh laundry bag. Fine mesh is as dense as gauze, and coarse mesh is as big as ordinary straw. For fragile clothes such as knitwear, fine mesh laundry bags shall be used; for thicker materials such as curtain cloth, coarse mesh shall be used.

Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag

The difference between fine mesh and coarse mesh lies in the pulling force of water flow on clothes. The water flow of the coarse mesh has strong pulling force, and the cleaning force is higher than that of the fine mesh. However, if the clothes are not too dirty, choose the fine mesh to protect the clothes, and reduce the cotton chips generated by the friction of other clothes, which is not easy to pilling.

The main functions of laundry bag are as follows:

1. To prevent the clothes from being damaged due to the friction between the clothes and the washing barrel.

2. It is used to protect clothes and prevent them from being pulled and deformed in the washing machine.

3. Avoid friction with other clothes.

Fine Mesh Laundry Bag

 Fine Mesh Laundry Bag

Generally, clothes with large buttons or in order to prevent the friction between clothes and the washing barrel from damaging the clothes, it is not necessary to say that the water drill must be washed in the washing bag, but the printed things are better to be washed by hand because the washing bag is not fully protected. After all, it is related to the quality of washing powder or detergent, and the soaking time in the washing machine is certainly longer than that with hands Washing length also has great damage to clothes, so it's better to wash by hand. Some valuable clothes that are easy to be scratched are sealed in the laundry bag, and then mixed with other clothes in the washing machine. They are not easy to be scratched by zippers or buttons of other clothes.