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Apr 13

Type Of Laundry Bag

Type Of Laundry Bag

Laundry bags are divided into fine mesh laundry bags and coarse mesh laundry bags. Fine mesh mesh density such as gauze, coarse mesh mesh such as the size of ordinary straw. For more fragile clothing such as knitwear, fine mesh laundry bags should be used; Thicker material is like curtain cloth, should use coarse net.

The difference between a fine net and a coarse net is the pull of the water on the clothes. Thick net water pulling force is strong, cleaning force is also higher than fine net, but if the clothes are not too dirty, choose fine net to protect the clothes, but also can reduce the friction with other clothes produced by cotton crumbs, not easy to pilling.

                                                Fine Mesh Laundry Bag

Laundry bags can be divided into single, double and three layers, so that the laundry bag area between each piece of clothing, reduce fiber friction. If the clothes with different fibers are put in the same laundry bag, the clothes with coarse materials will not only wear out but also damage the clothes with fine texture. Laundry bag shapes are tailored to the size of the garment. Pill laundry bag for underwear, triangle laundry bag for socks, tube laundry bag for thick sweaters, square for shirts. 'if you put a small piece of clothing in a big laundry bag, the bag is equal to no bag, and the clothes are still strongly pulled by the washing machine,' Ms. Zhang said.