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Jun 13

[Mesh laundry washing bag supplier]Knowledge of mesh fabric

Knowledge of mesh fabric

Mesh laundry washing bag supplier shares that net cloth application in outdoor equipment has been more extensive, such as clothing lining, backpack net bag, vamp and other aspects have been applied. What is it made of? So what are the characteristics of mesh cloth, the following is a simple introduction to some knowledge about mesh cloth.

Mesh fabric is also known as mesh fabric, exactly speaking, it should be called warp knitted fabric, simply speaking, it is the fabric woven by warp knitting machine (knitting). Mesh size and mesh depth can be adjusted according to the needs of the warp knitting machine, such as our common diamond, triangle, hexagonal, as well as column, square, square and so on mesh. The variety of mesh shapes is one of the characteristics of warp knitted fabrics. Warp knitted fabrics are widely used in outdoor equipment.

At present, the material used for web fabric weaving is generally polyester, nylon and other chemical fibers, with high strength, light weight, high resistance, low temperature, good moisture absorption and other characteristics.

Mesh laundry washing bag supplier

According to the nature of outdoor, sports activities, emergency clothing and sports clothing inner layer, mountaineering bag, part of the shoes vamp, lining will use mesh cloth to do the lining. As the isolation layer between human sweat and clothing, it prevents moisture from getting very tired on human skin surface, maintains smooth air circulation, and avoids wear of waterproof and breathable membrane, making clothing more comfortable to wear. Some high-end garments are woven with mesh fabrics that absorb moisture and sweat. Due to the differences in design concept and manufacturing technology, some of the emergency suits adopt mesh cloth to fit directly on the inner side of the breathable film with three layers of composite cloth. According to need and the use characteristic, some equipment also adopted elastic yarn (adding a certain proportion of lycra fiber) and stretchability strong fiber weaving has certain elastic mesh cloth, such as mountain used to make the outside of the package bottle, sundry mesh bag, bag inside, use in areas such as the shoulder strap elastic mesh fabric. The following post a few different types of mesh pictures.

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