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Apr 16

Use Of Laundry Bags

Use Of Laundry Bags

Fine Mesh Laundry Bag Manufacturer shares that there are two kinds of Laundry Bags, one is to cover the clothes, and then put the clothes into the washing machine washing, this kind is to prevent the clothes intertwined, deformation.

The other is to cover the clothes after washing, in order to prevent dust. Keep it in a laundry bag and keep it light to make sure it doesn't crush when drying. Therefore, the washing machine drying clothes capacity is generally washing capacity of about 1/2. Special material of clothing is not suitable for drying in the washing machine: such as sponge latex, rubber or silk clothing, such as shoulder pads, such as not into the washing machine drying; Volatile substances are very flammable, any dyed oil or oil removal agent treated clothes are not allowed to put into the machine drying; Sleeping bags, down jackets, pillows, and large blankets will swell and impede the flow of air inside the machine.

Fine Mesh Laundry Bag

It is convenient and economical to wash multiple clothes at the same time.

Not easy to wrinkle, deformation, can rest assured for washing machine.

The use of non - injury clothing mesh cloth, such as hand washing like feeling can be used at ease.

The ultra-fine mesh surface can prevent pilling and can be washed together with other clothes.

Can be used for automatic, double cylinder, drum washing machine.

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