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May 10

[laundry mesh bag supplier China]How to wash clothes more cleanly?

Wash clothes in a laundry bag and then use the washing machine, will not clean?Laundry mesh bag supplier China would like to share for you.

Perhaps a lot of people will have such think, that is hand does not wash clean clothes, bought a full automatic washing machine will be able to wash clothes clean, the fact is really so?

If the friend that has used washing machine for many times, ought to have experience, that is a lot of time put clothes go down, washing powder falls down, turn on switch, the clothes that comes out to wash finally is not clean, it is not bit by bit dreg content is to still have other a few what not clean thing, why can such? Experienced friends know that although the washing machine is fully automatic, but if there is no point of skill, the dirty clothes are not clean at all, the full automatic washing machine used to go to the taste is ok, it is very dirty clothes also deal with very well, obviously is impossible, by its is the drum of the full automatic washing machine.

Laundry mesh bag supplier China

Here are some common laundry techniques:

Wash clothes by color.

2. Wash the dirty parts with soap separately before washing them in the washing machine;

3. Appropriate amount of washing powder for general clothes and special detergent for cotton, linen, silk and other clothes.

4. If you still feel dirty after automatic washing, you can repeat the washing.

The above four steps are some of the methods introduced by a housewife who has been using the washing machine for a long time. Of course, this is only a solution to the problems existing in ordinary families.

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