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Jun 14

[Mesh laundry bag supplier]What is mesh?

What is mesh?

What is mesh? What kinds of warp knitted mesh cloth do you have? Does mesh laundry bag deform after washing?

The so-called mesh cloth is the fabric with mesh - shaped holes. With different equipment can be woven different mesh cloth, mainly woven mesh cloth and knitted mesh cloth 2 kinds.

Among them, woven mesh fabric has white or yarn-dyed, also have large jacquard, can be woven out of traditional and simple patterns. Permeability is good, after classics bleaching and dyeing processing, cloth body is quite bright, besides doing shirt of summer dress advertisement, do the things such as curtain, mosquito net especially.

Mesh cloth can be made of pure cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn (yarn), the whole yarn mesh cloth with 14.6 ~ 13 (40 ~ 45 British branch) yarn, the full line of mesh cloth with 13 ~ 9.7 double line (45 British branch /2 ~ 60 British branch /2), also useful yarn and line interwoven, can make the cloth flower shape more prominent, enhance the appearance effect.

There are generally two ways to weave mesh fabric: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and twisted warp) to form a shed and interweave with weft (see leno fabric). Warping is to use a special warping heald (also known as half heald) sometimes twisted in the left side of the warp, after one (or three, or five) weft throwing, twisted to the right side of the warp, because twisted and weft weave each other to form a mesh shaped holes, the structure is stable, called leno; The other is to make use of the change of jacquard organization or reed wearing method. The warp yarn is in a group of three, and a reed is inserted into it. It can also weave the fabric with holes in the cloth, but the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so it is also called the false leno T-shirt.

Knitted mesh cloth is divided into two kinds, weft knitting and warp knitting mesh cloth, mesh cloth of warp knitting mesh cloth is commonly with west high speed warp knitting machine, the raw material in general, such as nylon, polyester and spandex knitted mesh cloth finished product has a high elastic mesh cloth, mosquito netting, laundry net, luggage net, YingWang, sandwich mesh cloth, can in a can, embroidered net mesh, grid cloth, wedding dress, transparent mesh, the mesh, diamond mesh, jacquard mesh, lace and mesh fabric.

Cotton beaded coarse mesh laundry bag is bound to deform a bit after washing.

mesh laundry bag

While fully polyester will not deform much, the polyester/cotton will deform very little, as you can see when you buy clothes with washing labels.

But, the grade of fabrics of all polyester or polyester-cotton is lower, and what wear also does not have complete cotton is comfortable, so, do not suggest to buy.

Ordinary cotton bead mesh short T-shirt does not wash big or deformation point can pay attention to the following points.

Feel feel of fabrics, the feeling is more smooth, feel slant a little bit hard, after washing of shirt of such individual character culture affirms to be able to contract only and won't greaten.

If you want to buy a high-end beading shirt, you must buy "double mercerized beading mesh", which is about three times more expensive than the ordinary beading fabric, so you must pay attention to:

1: double mercerized bead mesh fabric is generally thin.

2: the fabric is very smooth, without any defect, yarn or fine nap.

3. The surface of the fabric looks as shiny as silk.

4: fabric feels slightly hard