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Sep 19

Usage and precautions of Laundry bag

Usage and precautions of Laundry bag 

Use of laundry bag:

There are two kinds of laundry bags. One is to put the clothes on the clothes and then wash them in the washing machine.

Another kind is to wash good hind cover in clothings outside, it is to prevent dirt. Keep it in a laundry bag China and keep it light to dry. Therefore, the drying capacity of the washing machine is usually about 1/2 of the washing capacity. Special materials of clothing should not be dried in the washing machine: such as sponge latex, rubber or silk clothing, such as shoulder pads, do not put into the washing machine to dry; Volatile substances are very flammable, where there is oil or oil removal agent after the treatment of clothes are not put into the machine drying; Sleeping bags, down, pillows, and blankets will expand, impeding the flow of air inside the machine and preventing the use of drying functions.

Can clean many clothes at the same time, convenient and economical

laundry bags

Bra Mesh Laundry Bag

Not easy wrinkle, deformation, can be safely used for washing machine washing

Use the net surface cloth that does not hurt clothings, feel like hand washing can rest assured to use

Super fine mesh laundry bag surface can prevent pilling phenomenon, also can be washed together with other clothes

It can be used in automatic, double cylinder and drum washing machine.

Laundry bag notes:

Do not place near fire or use near fire

This product is only suitable for ordinary household washing machine

Please do not use in clothes with dry cleaning logo and high-grade fabrics such as cashmere, Angora goat nap and mohair

Do not put in washing clothes or metal parts with sharp tips that exceed the capacity of laundry mesh bag, otherwise the mesh surface may be damaged

Close the zipper, do not clip clothes

Do not use for any purpose other than this

To ensure the best washing effect, the clothes should not exceed 4/5 of the laundry bag capacity