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Nov 25

Why We Should Purchase a Mesh Wash Bag?

At present, laundry bag backpack, durable mesh wash bag, fine mesh laundry bag are our hot sale products. It can carry many things, for example, the computer, phone, drink, snack, etc. If you have one you will outstanding in the crowd.

Laundry bags are divided into the fine net and coarse net. The fine mesh is as dense as gauze, and the coarse mesh is as large as a common straw. For more fragile clothes such as knitwear, a Fine mesh laundry bag should be used. Coarse material such as curtain cloth should be used. The difference between a fine net and a coarse net lies in the pulling force of the water on clothes. The coarse net has strong water pulling force and a higher cleaning force than the fine net. However, if the clothes are not too dirty, the fine net is selected to protect the clothes and reduce the cotton lint generated by rubbing with other clothes, which is not easy to fluff. Laundry bags can be divided into a single layer, double layer, and three layers to separate each garment and reduce fiber friction. If clothes made of different fibers are placed in the same laundry bag, clothes made of coarse materials will not only wear those made of finer materials, but also those made of coarse materials will be damaged for a long time. As for the shapes of various laundry bags, they are tailored according to the size of clothes.

Why We Should Purchase a Mesh Wash Bag?cid=3

First, durable laundry bag is a bag used to protect clothes during machine washing. It is made of breathable and micro porous material. Underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation are put in, zipped up and put into the washing machine for washing. 

Second, clothes with large buttons or to prevent the clothes from being damaged due to the friction between the clothes and the washing tub. Naturally, it goes without saying that the rhinestones must be washed with a laundry bag, but it is better to wash the printed things by hand because the laundry bag is not completely protected. After all, it has something to do with the quality of washing powder or liquid detergent. The soaking time in the washing machine must be longer than that by hand. 

Third, some expensive clothes that are easy to snag will not be easily snagged by zippers or buttons of other clothes if they are sealed in a laundry bag and then mixed with other clothes in the washing machine. There are also some clothes that are easily twisted and deformed by other clothes in the washing machine, which can be washed in the laundry bag to avoid deformation and distortion