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Jan 23

Various Button Materials Introduction

More than 80% of the buttons in the world now use synthetic resins as raw materials. Plastics such as cellulose, polystyrene and polyethylene are available in a variety of styles, not only in bright colors, but also in low cost. In addition to buttons made of synthetic resin, there are also a large number of button products: stone buttons, which are a kind of gemstone with poor quality. Due to its beautiful color and high hardness, it can be processed into a round piece and embedded in a metal base. On the top, a set of elegant and elegant tiger eye button can be sold at a higher price.

Chef Uniform Button

(1) Polyester Fabric Button, this type of button can be used on the chef's uniform, that is Chef Uniform Button. You can find out more about these buttons on our website.

(2) Electroplated metal buckles have been in the market since the 16th century in Birmingham, the capital of the United Kingdom. One of the silver-plated buttons can be sold for more than £5.

(3) Shell button, this is a kind of respect for returning to the basics. Once upon a time, it has been used as a human currency in the field of circulation, but with the development of history, its value of measuring items has long been far from society, but it is made. The buttons that make up the decorations are still the same, sparkling natural beauty. The Japanese have a soft spot for the buttons made of white butterfly shell and black butterfly shell, depending on the top grade in the button.

In addition, some expensive buttons are often found in the clothing of many rich people. At this time, these buttons have lost their shirtiness and become more decorative, giving people a feeling of spending money.

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