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Oct 10

Type of mesh washing laundry bag

The mesh washing laundry bag is a bag used to protect clothes when washing machine. Put the clothes that are afraid of deformation into it, pull the zipper and put it into the washing machine. Buying and using the laundry bag also takes into account the size of the mesh of the laundry bag, because it has a great correlation with the convection and friction of the water during washing, and ultimately affects the cleanliness of the laundry. There are various shapes, various specifications, all kinds of mesh laundry bags in the market, how to choose the right laundry bag to ensure that the clothes are clean and not deformed?

  • The size of the laundry bag mesh

No matter what kind of washing machine, there is no intelligence to care for your clothes. The clothes are twisted and twisted in the water, and the torque is quite big. Therefore, if you want to reduce this pull and extend the life of your clothes, you must put them in the laundry bag. There are three kinds of meshes for large and medium-sized laundry bags sold in the market. It is originally intended to apply different materials.

1, Fine mesh laundry bag

The characteristics of the fine mesh laundry bag: Imagine it, because the mesh is fine, the water convection in the laundry bag is weak when washing, and the friction between the laundry bag and the clothes is relatively small.

Fine mesh laundry bag for those that are most prone to deformation or damage. In addition, some clothes are embellished with sequins and small beads. It is also recommended to use such laundry bags.

Type of mesh washing laundry bag

Fine Mesh Laundry Bag

2, Medium mesh laundry bag

The characteristics of the medium mesh laundry bag: Compared with the fine mesh laundry bag, the water in the middle mesh is of course faster, and the friction between the laundry and the laundry bag will be slightly larger.

Medium mesh laundry bag: ordinary clothes, such as T-shirts, casual clothes, general shirts, etc., can be used for such laundry bags.

3, Coarse mesh laundry bag

Characteristics of the coarse mesh laundry bag: Because the mesh is large, the convection of the water is the strongest when washing, and the friction of the clothes and the laundry bag is the largest.

Rough mesh laundry bag: those thick and thick, not afraid of wear, easy to dirty, wash and tired, such as jeans and uniforms.

Type of mesh washing laundry bag

Coarse Mesh Laundry Bag

  • The shape of the laundry bag

The laundry bag not only has meshes of various sizes, but also has various shapes. Fold the garments before washing to reduce wrinkles and then use the laundry bag according to the folded shape. Percent HOW Tip: The dirty parts of the clothes should be pre-processed and folded.

1, Flat square laundry bag

This laundry bag is suitable for: shirts or other clothes that can be folded into a flat rectangle. The large flat square laundry bag is suitable for washing large and thin fabrics such as bedspreads and sheets.

2, Round laundry bag

This laundry bag is suitable for: sweat-absorbent clothing and those that are very fluffy and take up space.

3, Cylindrical laundry bag

This kind of laundry bag is suitable: because the space inside the laundry bag is long, it is more suitable for the lower body clothes, such as folded trousers, shorts or short skirts can be put directly into it.

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