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Jul 31

Types of bra laundry bags

Types of bra laundry bags:

There are two kinds of bra laundry bags. One is to put the clothes on the clothes and then put them into the washing machine for washing.

The other is washed and put on the outside of the clothes, is to prevent dust. Keep them in a laundry bag so they don't wrinkle when dried. As a result, the washing machine's drying capacity is usually about half that of the washing capacity. Clothes made of special materials should not be dried in the washing machine. Clothes made of sponge latex, rubber or silk, such as shoulder pads, should not be dried in the washing machine. Volatile substances are very flammable, all stained with oil or oil remover treated clothes are not allowed to be put into the machine drying; Sleeping bags, down, pillows, and large blankets can expand, impeding the flow of air inside the machine.

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