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Mar 05

Notes for Using Underwear Washing Bag

Underwear Washing Bag is a kind of bag used to protect clothes when washing in the machine. It is made of breathable material with micro-holes. Put the underwear, sweater or other articles that are afraid of deformation into it, pull up the zipper and put it into the washing machine for washing. Bags made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (a bit like a mosquito net), used to hang sweaters, wash underwear, and separate clothes for fear of staining or damage.

Notes for using Travel Zipper Mesh Laundry Bag:

Do not place near fire or use near fire

This product is only suitable for ordinary family washing machine

Do not use on clothes with dry cleaning marks and high-grade fabrics such as cashmere, Angora goat hair and mohair

Do not put more than the capacity of laundry mesh bags washing clothes or sharp metal parts and other items, or may cause damage to the mesh

Do not clip clothes when zipper is closed

Please do not use it for anything other than this purpose

To ensure the best washing effect, please do not put more than 4/5[1] of the laundry bag capacity.

Travel Zipper Mesh Laundry Bag