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Jun 20

How to use the laundry bag correctly?

How to use the laundry bag correctly?

The use of laundry bag generally depends on the mesh of the bag, the size and the corresponding washing clothes.

Choose mesh size of the laundry bag from mesh laundry washing bag supplier is to according to the degree of fine fiber washing clothing fabrics and above ornaments size. Fine fabric fiber clothing is the best choice of small mesh laundry bag, decorative relatively large, fabric fiber relatively large clothes choose large mesh laundry bag, so more conducive to the protection of the clothes.

When washing a pile of clothes, one piece of clothes needs special protection, so you can't choose an oversized laundry bag. Smaller laundry bag is more conducive to the cleaning and protection of clothes. If special protection is required for several items of clothing at the same time, choose a large laundry bag with adequate space left for washing and cleaning.

Generally have large buttons on clothes or to prevent damage of clothes and dolly tub friction makes clothes appeared diamond natural needless to say, it must be to wash in the laundry bag but printed things it is better to wash with laundry bag is still not fully protect and washing powder or the quality of laundry detergent, after all, there is also a relationship in the washing machine for certainly longer than hand wash for wounds are bigger so it is better to wash clothes.

Some of the expensive clothes easily torn, put in the laundry bag sealed, and then put in the washing machine and other clothes mixed washing, is not easy to be other clothes zipper or button hook broken. There are some easy in the washing machine is easily twisted by other clothes out of shape clothes, put in the laundry bag to wash, can avoid deformation out of shape.

Bags made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (something like a mosquito net), used to air sweaters and wash underwear, separate clothes for fear of staining or damage.

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