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Aug 15

Will it not be washed clean with a laundry bag?

Will it not be washed clean with a laundry bag? Following the underwear washing bag supplier would like to share with us.

The main function of the laundry bag is to protect the washed clothes from being damaged by winding and pulling, followed by washing. In addition, if there are too many clothes in the laundry bag, the clothes cannot be automatically turned over and rubbed by the power of water in the laundry bag, so the cleaning is not too hot.

Precautions for use of laundry bag:

Do not place or use near fire

This product only applies to the ordinary family washing machine

Do not use for clothes with dry cleaning mark and high-grade fabrics such as cashmere, Angora goat hair and mohair

Do not put any washing clothes or metal parts with tips that exceed the capacity of the mesh washing bag, otherwise the mesh may be damaged

When closing the zipper, do not clip the clothes

Do not use it for anything other than this purpose

Laundry bags are generally clean, but they can be problematic if not used correctly.

Laundry Bag Supplier

Laundry Bag Supplier

Common problem is the clothes in the laundry bag is not easy to wash away the dirt, may also be caused by washing machine use for a long time, because the washing powder, soap or liquid soap contains oil components, in particular, the grease traps, barrel wall, or in a compact, washing machine use the longer, the more oil dirties, for a long time not to clean washing machine will be easy to cause the secondary pollution, moreover can cause skin allergies and other symptoms.

Cleaning method: fill the bucket of the washing machine with water, pour about 300 grams of oxidizing bleach (bought in the supermarket or chemical supplies store), soak for 2 hours and choose to start operation once. If the inner tub is already dirty, use this method to wash it several times. General washing machine needs about 3 months only to press this method to clean maintain. The washing machine that has clean bucket function is operated according to clean bucket washing method directly, all drum washing machines have this function at present. Can also contact a professional washing machine cleaner on - site cleaning.

Expand your knowledge:

Laundry bag is a kind of bag used to protect clothes when washing in machine. It is made of breathable material with micro holes. You can put underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation into it.

Bags made of mesh nylon (something like a mosquito net) are used to air sweaters and wash underwear.

Use to separate clothes for fear of staining or damage.